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AUTHOR Hallöle einen alter Neuer aus dem Frankenland

Beitraege: 8
Herkunft: Nürnberg
Angemeldet: 16.10.04
Posted on 16-10-04 09:20
Hi Tommy, hallo Gemeinde.
Hab mich nach sehr langer Zeit mal wieder hierher verirrt.
Muß schon sagen Tommy, Respekt Respekt. Die Seite wird immer besser.

Gruß Jochen

Editiert bei Frankenschalker on 16-10-04 09:21
AUTHOR RE: Hllöle einen alter Neuer aus dem Frankenland
Super Admininistrator

Beitraege: 4
Angemeldet: 27.09.04
Posted on 17-10-04 09:31
Endlich biste widda da, ey!

Kannst mir beim designen helfen!!!!
Du siehst ja, watt noch an Seiten fehlt.
Lass dir ma watt einfallen!

BWG Tommy

AUTHOR RE: Hllöle einen alter Neuer aus dem Frankenland

Beitraege: 8
Herkunft: Nürnberg
Angemeldet: 16.10.04
Posted on 17-10-04 11:48
werde mich in den nächsten Tagen mal damit beschäftigen.

AUTHOR RE: ray ban not go a little way

Beitraege: 2
Angemeldet: 17.04.13
Posted on 18-04-13 14:01
The place of Catherine's interment, to the surprise of the villagers, was neither in the chapel under the carved monument of the Lintons, nor yet by the tombs of her own relations, outside. It was dug on a green slope in a corner of the kirkyard, where the wall is so [url=http://www.sunglassesrb3025.co.uk/]ray ban uk sunglasses[/url] low that heath and bilberry plants have climbed over it from the moor; and peat mould almost buries it. [url=http://www.sunglassesrb3025.co.uk/]ray ban uk[/url] Her husband lies in the same spot now; and they have each a simple headstone ray ban uk outlet sunglasses above, ray ban uk store and a plain grey block at their feet, to mark the graves.

I overheard no further distinguishable talk, but, on looking round again, I perceived two such radiant countenances bent over the page of the accepted [url=http://www.sunglassesrb3025.co.uk/]www.sunglassesrb3025.co.uk[/url] book, that I did not doubt the treaty had been ratified on both sides; and the enemies were, thenceforth, sworn allies.

`Ah, you must hear this story!' said Betsy, laughing, to a lady who was entering the box. `He has made me laugh ray ban uk outlet so much... Well, bonne chance!' she added, giving Vronsky the one finger free from holding her fan, and with a shrug of her shoulders letting down the bodice of her gown, that had worked up, so as to be fittingly and fully nude as she moved forward, toward the footlights, into the lights of the gas, and within the ken of all.

`How long they are!' she exclaimed. `Ah, I see some dust on the road they are coming? No! When will they be here? May we ray ban not go a little way--half a mile, Ellen: only just half a mile? Do say yes: to that clump of birches [url=http://www.sunglassesrb3025.co.uk/]ray ban sunglasses uk[/url] at the turn!'

who <a href=http://www.sunglassesrb3025.co.uk/>ray ban uk sunglasses</a> was so drunk he fell with her on the dance floor.

And in the midst of the silence
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